It was the start of a very auspicious period for Haydn; both the 1791–1792 journey, along with a repeat visit in 1794–1795, were greatly successful. 1730-12-13 Henley-on-Thames; d. 1803-04-06 London) in Eisenstadt. 30 xr.). Haydn stays overnight at bookseller Johann Heinrich Herold and to the regret of Hamburg's music-lovers resumes his journey the next day. He was born on March 31 or April 1, 1732, and died on May 31, 1809. Eighth Salomon's concert with a quartet from Hob. Haydn took up the position on a part-time basis. His daughter Maria Theresia (b. XXVIII:10. Guest appearance of the complete Esterházy opera company with the opera "Lo Speziale" Hob. Haydn's younger brother Johann Evangelist joins the Esterházy church music in Eisenstadt as a tenor. The work was premiered successfully in 1753, but was soon closed down by the censors due to "offensive remarks". 1778-05-08 Sterzing; d. 1844-07-13 Vienna) at Haydn's. [Baronet] (b. c. 1768; d. 1818-07-25) at Langham, Suffolk, 100 miles north-east of London. Unter anderem stammt die Melodie der deutschen Nationalhymne ( Kaiserhymne: Gott erhalte Franz, den Kaiser! 50 xr. 1 en ut majeur, Hob VIIb: 1 La Création (Die Schöpfung), Hob XXI: 2 Quatuor à cordes no. ), austrijski skladatelj i dirigent.Smatra se da je hrvatskog podrijetla .. Šire glazbeno obrazovanje stekao je kao član dječačkog zbora Bečke katedrale. ]; d. 1843-01-12 Vienna), later Haydn's copyist and personal faithful servant from 1787 until Haydn's death in 1809. Weber's comment: "It is touching to see grown-up men coming to him, and how they call him Papa and kiss his hand. In his own words, Joseph Haydn wasn’t a good-looking fellow, but he could never understand why beautiful women found him attractive. Haydn highly acknowledges the merits of Ober-Capel-Meister Gregor Joseph Werner who on the other hand cannot cope with the creativity and energy of his young Vice-Capel-Meister. ), because of his love for glamour and splendour also called "Der Prachtliebende" ["The Magnificent"]. 1721-06-06; d. 1762-04-22 Vienna). Gala performance of "Die Schöpfung" in the Aula of the Old University in Vienna. Station 1 – Das Leben von Joseph Haydn Joseph Haydn wurde am 31. In the summer months he accompanies his master to (Bad) Mannersdorf, where he gives singing and piano lessons to the mistress of the Venetian ambassador Pietro Correr (b. I:95 or I:96, possibly I:90 (see first and fourth concert). So Haydn becomes Kapellmeister of Count Morzin. nur bedaure ich dieses an den grossen Mozart zu Entbehren... die nachweld beckomt nicht in 100 Jahren wider ein solch Talent. Maria Feodorowna also takes piano lessons with Haydn. 50xr for 31 days. Holy Saturday: Performance of passion music "The Seven Last Words" at Palais Schwarzenberg. XXII:1. 95 and no. I:95, for symphony I:96 see 1791-03-11. This letter still is a first-rate primary source despite its known minor inaccuracies. Second and much more devastating fire in Eisenstadt affecting Haydn's house heavily. [13] He had the good fortune to be taken in by a friend, Johann Michael Spangler, who shared his family's crowded garret room with Haydn for a few months. Count Anton II Grassalkovics [Slovak spelling - Grassalkovich] (b. Long-term stay of the Esterházy court orchestra in Kittsee Palace. This achieved great success and became "the enduring emblem of Austrian identity right up to the First World War" (Jones)[incomplete short citation]. First Name Joseph #40. Haydn writes to Frau von Genzinger: "ich gebrauchte 2 Tag um mich zu erhollen. Arrival of Haydn in Frankfurt. 76 Nos. Reutter is extremely enraged, understandably enough. The people of Hainburg heard him sing treble parts in the church choir. Ober-Capel-Meister Gregor Joseph Werner and manors regent Peter Ludwig Rahier induce Prince Nicolaus I to write a reproachful disciplinary warning letter to Haydn because of wilful neglect of his service duties ("Abmahnung"). Haydn is a good friend of the Barthélemon family, daughter Cecilia Maria (b. Haydn sometimes recycled his opera music in symphonic works,[64] which helped him continue his career as a symphonist during this hectic decade. 1774-04-17 Skutsch/Bohemia; d. 1850-04-03 Prague) at Haydn's, Presentation of the honorary medal from St Petersburg by Prince Alexander Kurakin (b. Anna Bon di Venezia leaves the Esterházy opera ensemble, Premiere of the opera "Lo Speziale" Hob. John Hunter is the surgeon whom Haydn mentions in his personal memories towards Dies 124 and Griesinger 77. Haydn supports Luigia Polzelli financially until his death on a rather regular basis and even at some time promises to marry her after the death of his wife, but Luigia marries singer Luigi Franchi after 1800 and moves with him to Bologna, so the relation cools down significantly and Haydn cuts his pension to her in half. Specimen Pages, Prospectus, & Opinions of Haydn's Dictionary of Dates ... by Joseph Haydn , Benjamin Vincent. He was among several musicians who were paid for services as supplementary musicians at balls given for the imperial children during carnival season, and as supplementary singers in the imperial chapel (the Hofkapelle) in Lent and Holy Week. ), marries Princess Friederike Charlotte Ulrike Katharina (b. Overnight stay in Godesberg. Joseph Haydn, Soundtrack: Minority Report. He listens to the boy's fine soprano and convinces Haydn's parents to send little "Sepperl" to his school at Hainburg on the Danube for further instruction. XVIII:6, concerto for the organ Hob. For the last time Haydn sits at his piano and plays his "Gott erhalte Franz, den Kaiser...". Second marriage of Haydn's father Mathias to Maria Anna Seeder (b. [Haydn has learned the secrets of the ancients, who knew how to make gold out of dirt]. There is an anecdote spread by the Beethoven biographers Schindler and Thayer that Beethoven left Eisenstadt furiously, but newer Beethoven research doubts this, because Beethoven remains at least three more days in Eisenstadt. Memorial celebration for Haydn in Berlin at the large hall of the Freemason's lodge Royale York, Letzte Straße 21 (old numbering, today: Dorotheenstraße 74, 10117 Berlin, corner of Neustädtische Kirchstraße). There is no proof of a direct contact of Haydn to Princess Esterházy. 1722-08-05; d. 1806-09-30), Second Salomon's concert with the premiere of the cantata "Der Sturm" [The Tempest] Hob. Komposition, Premiere und Rezeption. 1707-11-10 Rohrau; d. 1754-02-25 Rohrau), marriage entry. Moreover the attribution to 1792 was arbitrary. Haydn finds shelter in the attic of tenorist Johann Michael Spangler (b. c. 1721 Vienna, md 1748-02-12 to Maria Theresia Kürner; d. 1794-06-04 ib. Unlike Mozart, who was a close friend of his, Haydn made a lot of money from his work; and also unlike Mozart, he lived for a very long time. Sie haben keine Erziehung für die große Welt gehabt, und reden zu wenige Sprachen." Prince Anton I Esterházy de Galantha marries Maria Anna Countess Hohenfeld (b. '” [61], Haydn's early work dates from a period in which the compositional style of the High Baroque (seen in J. S. Bach and Handel) had gone out of fashion. Mathias Haydn is appointed village magistrate "Marktrichter" of Rohrau. He wrote several of the operas performed and wrote substitution arias to insert into the operas of other composers. Music" in Tottenham Street. Franz Joseph Haydn [haidn] (31. maaliskuuta 1732 Rohrau, Itävalta – 31. toukokuuta 1809 Wien, Itävalta) oli itävaltalainen säveltäj ä. Hän oli klassismin musiikin merkittäviä säveltäjiä ja nykymuotoisen sinfonian ja jousikvarteton kehittäjiä. 1731-12-28 Mannheim; d. 1798-01-20 Frankfurt am Main), one of the main proponents of the Mannheim music school, possibly also with his son Carl Cannabich (bapt. Haydn is appointed Kapellmeister being responsible for all musical concerns at the Prince's court including church music, operas, the acquisition and maintenance of the instruments, and the musicians' discipline. Especially the song "O tuneful voice!" Franz Joseph Haydn (* 31. marec 1732, Rohrau, Rakúsko – † 31. máj 1809, Viede ň) bol rakúsky hudobný skladateľ. Pentecost. ("Mi confessava l'Haydn che udita in Londra la Musica dell' Hendl [sic! Haydn lived in the Kapellhaus next to the cathedral, along with Reutter, Reutter's family, and the other four choirboys, which after 1745 included his younger brother Michael. 1746-05-20 ? I:91[?] 3 is the third of the six quartets published in 1799 as Opus 76. In such locations, the folk material serves as an element of stability, helping to anchor the larger structure. For many years the "Professional Concerts" play Haydn's works regularly. Franz Joseph Haydn – portrét z roku 1791 od Thomase Hardyho (zdroj / Den fjättrade ankan) „Papá Haydn“, bezdětný „otec symfonie“ a tělo bez hlavy Haydn měl celkem dvanáct sourozenců, ale šest z nich zemřelo již v dětském věku. I only mention residences b) and c), because you will find them sometimes in Haydn literature which does not make it any better. Following the climax of the "Sturm und Drang", Haydn returned to a lighter, more overtly entertaining style. 4) Framéry, Nicolas-Etienne: Notice sur Joseph Haydn, associé étranger de l'Institut de France, membre de la classe des beaux-arts, Contenant quelques Particularités de sa Vie privée, relatives à sa Personne ou à ses Ouvrages, Paris 1810. 1735-09-05 Leipzig; d. 1782-01-01 London) and Carl Friedrich Abel (b. 1708-04-06 Vienna; d. 1772-03-11 ib.) Despite of being a former chorister of St Stephen's, he is refused a request to perform and sing some of his own compositions (presumably the motets Hob. It is very likely that in the summer of 1750 Haydn receives an interest-free credit of 150 fl [an amount equal to a musician's annual salary] from loop maker Johann Wilhelm Buchholz (b. Baptism (birth?) Per Posta, Tit. ), later one of Haydn's more prominent students who became a renowned composer. Haydn is given a season ticket made of ivory which moves him deeply. Now, however, I am fresh and lively again, and look at this endlessly huge city of London, which astonishes me because of its various beauties and marvels.]. ), a very good pianist and close confidant of Haydn in his later years (e.g. The very frail composer was brought into the hall on an armchair to the sound of trumpets and drums and was greeted by Beethoven, Salieri (who led the performance) and by other musicians and members of the aristocracy. (Together with his wife Maria Anna) Haydn lives in the Musikerheim in Eisenstadt in the building of the Old [Princely] Apothecary near the palace at the beginning of the present Haydngasse, from autumn 1762 on until the purchase of his new home in Klostergasse 82 on 1766-05-01 with his wife in the centre of Eisenstadt in the so called Kussenics House (today Hauptstraße/corner Fanny-Elßler-Gasse). As a "house officer" in the Esterházy establishment, Haydn wore livery and followed the family as they moved among their various palaces, most importantly the family's ancestral seat Schloss Esterházy in Kismarton (today Eisenstadt, Austria) and later on Esterháza, a grand new palace built in rural Hungary in the 1760s. 20 No. [48] Haydn, was, however, deeply moved and appreciative when on 17 May a French cavalry officer named Sulémy came to pay his respects and sang, skillfully, an aria from The Creation.[49]. This was a period of exploration and uncertainty, and Haydn, born 18 years before the death of Bach, was himself one of the musical explorers of this time. Haydn had been in contact with the Count for some time and sent him the copies of some symphonies (esp. Haydn refuses in a comparably forceful manner. By 1749, Haydn had matured physically to the point that he was no longer able to sing high choral parts. The great success of the overall enterprise does not mean that the journeys were free of trouble. Haydn had a huge range of responsibilities, including composition, running the orchestra, playing chamber music for and with his patrons, and eventually the mounting of operatic productions. He moves to a farm in Lisson Grove (today part of the City of Westminster) and lives there until the sale of the farm in July 1791. Haydn comments: "keine Music rührte mich zeit lebens so hefftig als diese andachts volle and unschuldige" (A-Wn, Ms.15391, f.20b) [No music moved me so deeply in my whole life as this devotional and innocent]. Haydn receives a letter and a golden medal with a portrait from Prince Heinrich von Preußen (b. A village magistrate is, especially in the Austrian states, the first authority in civil disputes, commercial matters, and morals. [2] His contributions to musical form have earned him the epithets "Father of the Symphony" and "Father of the String Quartet". Marriage of Haydn's sister Anna Katharina to gunsmith Christoph Neher, marriage entry. More than 1000 participating artists perform Handel's major works like the oratorio "Israel in Egypt", several concerts and hymns, extracts from "Esther", "Deborah", "Saul", and "Judas Maccabaeus". George Frederick Handel Festival in Westminster Abbey "by command of their majesties" in the presence of Haydn. Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Glenn Gould: 2: 1961: Symphony no. His grandson Karl Leonhard (b. At the end of 1751 or the beginning of 1752 Haydn writes the music for the musical comedy "Der krumme Teufel". 1693-12-16 or 21 Lukavice; d. 1763-10-22 or 23 ib.) James Webster writes of Haydn's public character thus: "Haydn's public life exemplified the Enlightenment ideal of the honnête homme (honest man): the man whose good character and worldly success enable and justify each other. The date of Haydn's bout with smallpox is not preserved. Internationale Ignaz Joseph Pleyel Gesellschaft. Proceeds of 8000 fl, First performance of "Die Schöpfung" in Prague. A fost unul din cei mai influenți maeștri ai tradiției muzicale din Europa apuseană. "Concert of Antient [sic!] Death of Haydn's father Mathias after an accident with a falling pile of wood which caused some ribs to break (Griesinger 22), death record. Because of Haydn's relatively speedy recovery he does not start the journey. Date de naissance 31.3.1732 à Rohrau, Niederösterreich, Autriche. Bach, Telemann, Torelli, Haydn "Konzerte" EMI / CDC 7 47311 2 Cello Concerti No. His wife was the former Maria Anna Theresia Keller (1729–1800),[21] the sister of Therese (b. Prince Nicolaus II asks Beethoven somewhat indignantly: "Alas, dear Beethoven, what on earth have you done again?" [23][24] The Esterházy princes (Paul Anton, then from 1762–1790 Nikolaus I) were musical connoisseurs who appreciated his work and gave him daily access to his own small orchestra. Joseph Haydn was born in Rohrau, Austria, a village that at that time stood on the border with Hungary.His father was Mathias Haydn, a wheelwright who also served as "Marktrichter", an office akin to village mayor. 1753-03-02 Guben [doubtful because of missing church register, more probable is a birth c. 1756/57 Warsaw]; d. 1788-11-01 Pimlico/London). In 1804 Haydn will be the editor (published by Artaria et Comp.) The casket and the lid are "lost" after World War II, only a drawer remained and is kept in the Haydnhaus Eisenstadt. Haydn's dictionary of dates, relating to all ages and nations | Haydn, Joseph | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. 1726-04-07 Shrewsbury, Shropshire; d. 1814-04-12 Chelsea/London) attend the concert. Ness, Cheshire, bapt. Haydn told others he was born on this day (, Haydn made the remark to his friend and biographer, Various individuals bore the title "Countess Thun" over time. Birthday: March 31, 1732 Date of Death: May 31, 1809 Age at Death: 77 | natus austriacus Plagensis | die 15ta 9bris 737. Haydn is still seriously ill and receives "Besondere Brust Pillen" [special chest pills] from the Brothers Hospitallers' pharmacy (Officina FFrum [Fratrum] Misericordiae) in Eisenstadt. Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of solo piano compositions by Joseph Haydn, 16 Top-Rated Museums and Art Galleries in Vienna – 16. The Eszterház opera-house is totally destroyed by a fire. Joseph Haydn. [8] Reutter was of little help to Haydn in the areas of music theory and composition, giving him only two lessons in his entire time as chorister. Haydn is not used to the noise of the city of London and wants quietness for his composing work (see letter to Marianne von Genzinger of 1791-01-08). as contracted. 1714-03-08 Weimar; d. 1788-12-14 Hamburg). The end of Salomon's series in June gave Haydn a rare period of relative leisure. XX:1 at Cádiz. Premiere of Mass Hob. Haydn and his wife had a completely unhappy marriage,[22] from which time permitted no escape. ), concertmaster Johann Peter Salomon, singers Nancy Storace (b. By the time he arrived on his second journey to England, (1794–1795), Haydn had become a familiar figure on the London concert scene. 1739-09-28 Wermsdorf; d. 1812-07-27 Marktoberdorf/Allgäu) and other members of the nobility. XXVIII:7 in Eszterház to celebrate the marriage of Prince Nicolaus' I second son Count Nicolaus Esterházy (b. Haydn's works were catalogued by Anthony van Hoboken in his Hoboken catalogue. ), his wife and their baby son (b. "[I shall owe it to that man even in my grave that he taught me so many things, though in the process I received more thrashings than food] (both Griesinger 8), and "Seit jener Zeit trage ich eine Perücke". ), who later is a piano student of Haydn along with her sister Katharina. issues six piano sonatas "Sei Sonate per Cembalo" Hob. This quotation alludes to the sometimes fierce quarrels between Haydn and librettist Gottfried van Swieten (b. Haydn, Michael (1737-1806): Sämtliche Musikautographen in der BSB. 1714-07-02 Erasbach, Oberpfalz; d. 1787-11-15 Vienna), Georg Christoph Wagenseil (b. Mozart died aged only 35 whereas Haydn lived until he was 77. His son and successor Anton I adds an annual salary of 400 fl. He also executes the tasks of a village policeman. 1758-09-29 Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk; d. 1805-10-21 Cape Trafalgar, Spain) and Lady Emma Hamilton (b. Haydn's mother Maria, née Koller, had previously worked as a cook in the palace of Count Harrach, the presiding aristocrat of Rohrau. Franz Joseph Haydn[a] (/ˈhaɪdən/; German: [ˈfʁants ˈjoːzɛf ˈhaɪdn̩] (listen); 31 March[b] 1732 – 31 May 1809) was an Austrian composer of the Classical period. He tries the "newly invented instrument, the 'Harmonica Celestina'". "Haydn" redirects here. On Haydn's return, Beethoven came to Vienna and was Haydn's pupil up until the second London journey. Haydn's mother Maria, née Koller, had previously worked as a cook in the palace of Count Harrach, the presiding aristocrat of Rohrau.. In Eszterház Haydn lives on the first floor of a house near the palace, today town hall and a small Haydn museum with a commemorative plaque at the front, address: Madach sétány 1, Fertöd. XXII:11 at the parish church in Eisenstadt, today St Martin Cathedral (according to Feder and Landon CW 4, 327). 1702-10-05 Hildburghausen; d. 1787-02-14 ib.) They are the four quartets Hob. Original German "Neu, gantz besonderer Art"; Sisman (1993, 219), Rosen's case that Opus 33 represents a "revolution in style" (1971 and 1997, 116) can be found in chapter III.1 of, Rosen discusses the popular style in ch. "[q] Haydn smiled, the blood rushed to his face, and he said "I am really just a living clavier. [x] Charles Rosen has argued that this assertion on Haydn's part was not just sales talk but meant quite seriously, and he points out a number of important advances in Haydn's compositional technique that appear in these quartets, advances that mark the advent of the Classical style in full flower. His yearly salary is 400 fl along with free board at the "Officier-Tisch" [officer's table] and lodge. Fourth Salomon's concert with the premiere of symphony Hob. In the course of the year 1745 (presumably some time around his 8th birthday in September, because the usual age to become a chorister at St Stephen's was 8) Haydn's younger brother Johann Michael is introduced as a cathedral choir boy like his brother Joseph. XXII:9 at the Piarist church in Vienna, Birth of Franz Schubert in Himmelpfortgrund/Vienna (d. 1828-11-19 Wieden/Vienna). After Haydn's death he is made Capel-Meister. It seems most likely that Haydn sells the coach in Calais, because the ferries boats are not adapted for the transport of vehicles. (poss. Transcription: "31[.Mai 1809]; 73 [Hausnummer]; Der Wohledle Herr Joseph Haidn, Doctor der Tonkunst, des französischen Nationalinstituts der Wissenschaften und und Künste, dann königl. Haydn makes a second version of his last will, his nephew Matthias Frö[h]lich being the universal heir, moreover sixteen relatives, six servants, 27 more people who are important for him, and six social and educational institutions are considered. Haydn was particularly fond of the so-called monothematic exposition, in which the music that establishes the dominant key is similar or identical to the opening theme. 2) Events which cannot be assigned to a specific month in a year are placed at the beginning of this year. Since diagnosis was uncertain in Haydn's time, it is unlikely that the precise illness can ever be identified, though Jones suggests arteriosclerosis. Together with Mozart's friend Puchberg Haydn is invited by Mozart to a rehearsal of the nascent opera "Cosí fan tutte" to his home on Judenplatz 4, 1010 Vienna. and subsequently a letter by Haydn to the Vienna magistrate with a request for approval of an extension of this house in Vienna-Windmühle (today Gumpendorf), Kleine Steingasse 71. ), Mozart meets Haydn in Vienna to say goodbye. The Hoboken catalogue assigns a catalog number to each work, called its Hoboken number (abbreviated H. or Hob.). 1746-09-29 Sondershausen; d. 1819-06-30 ib.) During the later years of this successful period, Haydn faced incipient old age and fluctuating health, and he had to struggle to complete his final works. Claude-François-Marie Rigoley, Comte d'Ogny (b. Haydn conducts one of his own symphonies, Haydn plays the viola at a private evening concert at the home of the Prussian Ambassador Constans Philipp Wilhelm von Jacobi-Klöst (b. c. 1745; d. 1817-07-10 Dresden) in one of his latest quartets [to be examined Hob. [7] The choirboys were instructed in Latin and other school subjects as well as voice, violin, and keyboard. The "Regensburgisches Diarium" again reports, "Zur steinernen Bruck hinaus: Den 23. ", Biographische Nachrichten von Joseph Haydn. XXI:3 at Palais Schwarzenberg. Saint Petersburg; d. 1801-03-16 Ofen) surprises him with the invitation of Haydn in the great hall of the royal castle for a performance of "The Creation". Book digitized by Google from the library of Oxford University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. 3), and the remarkable rhythmic illusion placed in the trio section of the third movement of Op. The "Conservatoire de Musique de Paris" admits Haydn as a member. 1708-12-08 Nancy; d. 1765-08-18 Innsbruck) in St Bartholomew Church in Frankfurt on Main as Emperor Franz I of the Holy Roman Empire. [Since that time I am wearing a wig] (Dies 16). Mozart evidently returned the esteem, as seen in his dedication of a set of six quartets, now called the "Haydn" quartets, to his friend. 1717-05-13 Vienna, md 1736-02-12 to Franz Stephan of Lothringen, wid 1765-08-18; d. 1780-11-29 Vienna) ascends to the throne as regent of the Habsburg hereditary lands and queen of Hungary and Bohemia. She is Haydn's first great love in the 1750s, baptismal register. The reconstruction lasts until 1815 because of the war against Napoléon and is considerably modified compared to the original plans. In Vienna Baron Fürnberg introduces Haydn to Count Morzin. [28], Another friend in Vienna was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whom Haydn had met sometime around 1784. Only one month after the opera-house fire in Eszterház the foundation stone for a new opera-house is laid. XVIII:1 and Salve Regina Hob. Maria Theresia as a legitimate singer complains to Reutter about Haydn's obvious breaking of the voice. März 1732 in Rohrau, Niederösterreich, geboren. XVI:20 for the Auenbrugger sisters, the first edition of which is dedicated to the sisters by the Viennese music publisher Artaria. Haydn attends a concert with the Duke and Duchess of York at their estate in Oatlands, and is accompanied by The Prince of Wales. 1762-08-12 London; d. 1830-06-26 Windsor) to Caroline von Braunschweig (b. XXVIII:5 in Eszterház. Haydn was well paid for the opera (£300) but much time was wasted. Životopis. On the other hand, the rededication of the Mass for Prince Ferdinand Kinsky (b. Prince Nicolaus I arranges a magnificent feast of which we know Goethe's quotation of the "Esterházysches Feenreich" [Esterházy fairyland]. Egli ne medito ogni nota, ed attinse a que' dottisimi Spartiti il succo della vera grandiosità musicale." In collaboration with his librettist and mentor Gottfried van Swieten, and with funding from van Swieten's Gesellschaft der Associierten, he composed his two great oratorios, The Creation (1798) and The Seasons (1801). DEATH DATE May 31, 1809 (age 77) Popularity . to 583 fl. The couple Antonio (b. c. 1735 Rome; d. 1791-07-14 Vienna) and Luigia Polzelli (see 1760) enter into a two-years-contract with Prince Nicolaus I for his orchestra. I:90, I:92, I:95 and I:85. He has taste and, what is more, the most profound knowledge of composition]. There is a stela in the park behind the Redoute recalling this meeting. Haydn's love of his youth, Theresia Keller, takes the veil as a novice (monastic name Josepha) of the convent of the Poor Clares at St Nicolaus, Vienna I, 15 Singerstraße. The lodge survives for only one year, during this time Haydn is run as "absent fellow mason", thus it seems obvious that he does not actively take part in the lodge's work. Before being married to Mathias, Haydn's mother Anna née Koller has been working as a cook for the territorial lord, Count Karl Anton Harrach (b. (d) widowed Princess Maria Octavia Esterházy (b. Herr von Heyde, Fürstl. Ovvero lettere su la vita e le opere del celebre maestro Giuseppe Haydn di ~, Milano 1812. Esterházy de Galantha, (Journal générale de la littérature de France, Avril, p. 94), at the large hall of the Freemason's lodge Royale York. Date de décès 31.5.1809 à Wien, Wien, Autriche. Baptism of Haydn's sister Anna Katharina (md 1763-11-20 to Christoph Neher; d. c. 1801). XXI:3 at Palais Schwarzenberg. (Griesinger 40). First Salomon's concert with premiere of symphony Hob. 1758-05-06 Arras) in Paris, Haydn visits Portsmouth, Gosport, the Isle of Wight, Winchester, and Hampton Court Palace, Haydn observes and reports a big fire in London, Haydn attends a concert with two Scottish musical comedies by Samuel James Arnold (son of Samuel Arnold, b. Inauguration ceremony of the new opera house at Eszterház featuring the premiere of the opera "La fedeltà premiata" Hob. to his yearly 400 fl. Haydn and Elßler pass the border between Upper Austria and the Kingdom of Bavaria in Schärding. Similar to his friendship with Rebecca Schroeter we are astonished about the depth and intimacy in Haydn's statements and letters, which time and again leads to speculations about the nature of their relationsships, but nobody can honestly prove anything. Becoming famous for his compositions Haydn was employed as "Kapellmeister" by Fuerst Esterhazy in Eisenstadt in 1761. He was everywhere appreciated there; it opened a new world to him".[40]. I:96, some researchers with less plausibility also consider the symphonies Hob. XXII:5 and "Missa Cellensis" Hob. Griesinger reports an offertory of 16 fl for Haydn (Griesinger 12), Dies mentions an invitation to the clergymen's table, which causes Haydn to extend his stay at Mariazell for one more week (Dies 33).